Feel empowered through
positive parenting and
caring connections.

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Do you feel competent and successful in your career but DEPLETED AND OVERWHELMED by your parenting skills?

Is your children’s behavior or academic performance creating a LEVEL OF TENSION in your home?

Are you struggling to feel CONNECTED to your children and often feel at a LOSS?

Family counseling can help you to RE-CONNECT to your children, FEEL EMPOWERED as a parent to your children while also being LOVING AND NURTURING.

Family counseling can help you be a better parent and a better partner by:

  • Learning about yourself
  • Developing positive parenting techniques
  • Being clear about expectations and consequences
  • Feeling more balanced in your various roles in life.

Family therapy may also can help your children feel nurtured, heard and feel the energy of your support, care and love.

Start with a Parent Consultation

Sometimes people are CONCERNED about their child but aren’t sure if there is truly a need for family counseling or whether there are other techniques and advice that might help the situation.

A parent consultation is the PERFECT choice because it gives you direct access to a mental health professional who is knowledgeable about families and children, parenting and mental health disorders and who can HELP YOU SORT OUT what are the areas of concerns, what can be done, who can help and what strengths can you build upon.

If you are ready to start the journey toward finding balance in your home, please contact Lotus Point Wellness today.

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