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Find out about our Well-being
Workshops and Circles Of Support groups.

At Lotus Point Wellness, we believe in a prevention-oriented model of offering support to our community. We do this in multiple ways including offering Circles Of Support Groups and Well-being Workshops.

Our support groups are short-term (6-8 sessions) and for people with common concerns, such as parenting young children, parenting teenagers, managing transitions or dealing with stress/anxiety. We also offer longer-term groups that are on-going, such as teen support groups and stress-management reduction groups for children and tweens. All of our groups are aimed at providing a safe, nurturing environment to learn, listen, share and grow as individuals.

As well, we offer Well-being Workshops to provide small group discussions and education around a variety of topics aimed at health and wellness. These workshops are usually 1.5 – 2 hours with a limit of 10 participants so that there is an ability to ask questions, gain support from one another and learn in an interactive format. We always try to incorporate a 30 minute yoga session to help relax and integrate learning. Check out our wellbeing workshops!