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5 Ways Yoga Changes Your Brain

There have been so many articles these days about yoga and it’s impact on our bodies. Yoga studios are popping up all over the place and more and more people are trying yoga for health, strengthening and feeling more centered and calm. But what really happens to our brains when we do yoga? Here are some very profound things that happen to our brains when we practice yoga regularly:
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5 Reasons Why Shavasana Is The Most Important Part Of The Yoga Sequence For Children And Adolescents.

Shavasana or corpse pose is the pose of laying on your back, arms down by your sides with your palms up and eyes closed. It reduces stress that has accumulated throughout the day and even over a lifetime and seals in the benefits of a well-rounded yoga class.
Cortisol, the chemical that is released when humans perceive a threat and “are under stress”, holds a valuable part in the body’s chemical makeup;