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5 Reasons To Take A Morning Walk

Today, as I took a morning walk, I began to think about what I love about these walks and why I think it’s something vital to add to your weekly activity. Here are 5 good reasons to take a morning walk.

1) Walking wakes you up! There is not a better way to start energizing your body than to begin moving. By moving, you begin to breath deeper, your heart rate increases and your muscles become less stiff. As we get older, this is especially important!

Ways to start the new year right
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New Year’s Resolution – Do They Work?

Making New Year’s resolutions is a ritual that many people participate in as a way to feel optimistic about a coming year, mark the passage of time and think about “turning orunning in sunsetver a new leaf”.  Resolutions can force us to consider what we value most and how to make positive changes. For many, it’s a way to re-assess goals and re-commit to making changes for the better.  But are these resolutions worth making? Are they a good or bad idea? It really depends on the person, the type of resolutions one makes, and how one goes about achieving that goal.
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Groundbreaking Research On Attachment!

Sue JohnsonIn November 2013,  Sue Johnson shared the results of a groundbreaking collaboration between herself and University of Virginia Neuroscientist Dr. James Coan. They showed for the first time that Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) changes how the brain perceives and responds to threat.

The research findings have important implications for all of us. We all know that EFT can deepen love and create a more secure emotional bond, but we haven’t always understood how this happens. It seems that science is giving us a deeper understanding of how love (and adult attachment security) works at the level of brain function. 

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Finding Contentment By Taking Control Of Comparisons

Comparing yourself to others is nothing but bad news…  the only good comparison is comparing yourself against your own potential.

Many people get stuck in comparing themselves to others and feeling that they don’t “measure up”.  This, of course, leads to feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem, sadness, anxiety and general dissatisfaction with themselves and their life.  Learning ways to stop comparing yourself to others can benefit you tremendously and can lead to feeling more content with yourself, less envious of others and more focused on what you need to do in your own life, regardless of what others are doing.

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Hold Me Tight Relationship Enhancement Workshops

My colleague, Gail Schumann, LCSW-C, and I recently held a Hold Me Tight Workshop which is based on Sue Johnson’s book, Hold Me Tight. It was an amazing experience and wonderful for the 3 couples that came. They learned about the new science of love which shows that all humans crave and need connection to others in order to survive. The connection of a loved one is the most important and sustaining one of all, except when things are going wrong. When we feel disconnected, we get scared, feel alone and feel abandoned. This leads to reactions that can turn negative and create a pattern of trying to get our needs met that aren’t productive or healthy, such as withdrawing, criticizing, attacking or giving up. The HMT workshops help couples have important conversations to understand their negative pattern and change it.