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10 Tips For Talking With Teens About Tough Stuff



10 Tips for Talking With Teens About Tough Stuff

Many parents with teenagers know and anticipate that the teen years will be a struggle so we are providing 10 tips for talking with teens about the tough stuff.  There will be many issues that arise and many challenging moments when teens will have to make some important decisions without a parent’s advice or guidance: in the moment judgment calls. This is especially true since teenagers are also beginning to separate from their parents and don’t want to connect or hear about the advice parents want to offer.

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5 Reasons Why Shavasana Is The Most Important Part Of The Yoga Sequence For Children And Adolescents.

Shavasana or corpse pose is the pose of laying on your back, arms down by your sides with your palms up and eyes closed. It reduces stress that has accumulated throughout the day and even over a lifetime and seals in the benefits of a well-rounded yoga class.
Cortisol, the chemical that is released when humans perceive a threat and “are under stress”, holds a valuable part in the body’s chemical makeup;