Lotus Point Wellness requires that each client READ AND SIGN some forms in order to begin the therapeutic process. This is for your benefit and will give you additional information about my practice, as well as provide important information to the therapist so that he or she can best work with you.

General Forms:

*THE POLICY AND CONSENT FORM outlines specific policies of Lotus Point Wellness and gives important, general information about the therapeutic process, techniques used, procedures for appointments and cancellations and other relevant information. You must read this before signing the CONSENT FORM.

Couples Forms:

Yoga Forms:

These forms can be downloaded as a Word document and filled out at your leisure and brought to the first appointment. These forms can also be e-mailed back to your assigned therapist, dietitian or yoga instructor. E-mailing allows the forms to be evaluated prior to the initial meeting, however, it is not necessary.

Insomnia Forms:

Nutritional Program Forms:

Health & Wellness Coaching Forms: