Are you looking for a place
to heal and find
contentment in your life?

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Lotus Point Wellness offers comprehensive counseling services to help people throughout their lifespan.

Our approach to therapy is based on the philosophy that children, families, couples and adults all have the desire to feel secure and safe in relationships and find contentment in their lives. We believe a balanced lifestyle allows for optimal personal growth and comes from emotional, physical and nutritional wellness. Thus we provide a holistic and integrated approach with services that include mental health counseling, nutritional counseling, yoga and meditation practices. By addressing mind, body and spirit, we support every individual, couple and/or family on their journey towards wholeness and wellbeing.

How can our services help people?

Counseling can help each person:

  • Develop healthy, securely-attached relationships
  • Learn to communicate ones needs effectively
  • Regulate and express emotions clearly
  • Understand the connection between how we feel and how we nurture ourselves and our bodies
  • Develop mindfulness and stress-reduction skills
  • Enhance self-awareness and self-advocacy
  • Develop a mind-body-spirit connection for overall wholeness and wellbeing.

Our Counseling Services

We offer a wide array of counseling services for Individuals, Families, Couples and Groups.

Individual-Therapy-LotusAre you overwhelmed with stress, anxiety and/or sadness?

If you looking for on-going support to reestablish wellness in your life, you may find our counseling services helpful.

Individual Therapy

Couples Intensive - Lotus Point Wellness

Would you like to re-connect with your partner?

Couples counseling can help create a safe haven to reconnect with one another and learn ways to support and strengthen your bond.

Couples Therapy

Family Counseling - Lotus Point Wellness

Do you feel overwhelmed by the challenge of parenting and wish for a closer family?

Family therapy can empower you to become a better parent and a better partner, as well as establish a family environment of connection and close bonds.

Family Counseling

Early Childhood Services - Lotus Point Wellness

Does your child struggle more than other children his/her age?

Your child may benefit from an evaluation, Child Play Therapy or Family Therapy.

Early Childhood Therapy

Child & Adolescent Services -Lotus Point Wellness

Is your child struggling with the challenges
of growing up?

Learning skills to manage stress, explore, manage and communicate feelings may be helpful to your child.

Child & Adolescent Services

Workshops & Support Groups - Lotus Point Wellness

Do you feel no one knows what you’re going through?

Sometimes it helps to know you’re not alone. Our support groups are designed to bring together people facing similar issues.

Support Groups