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Emotionally Focused Therapy: Intensive Couples Counseling

Are you looking for a solution to heal your marriage or partnership without the scheduling conflicts that go with couples counseling?

The problems in your marriage or partnership did not start overnight. However, through what we call a COUPLES INTENSIVE, we may be able to help you!

What Is a Couples Intensive?

This is Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) in 3 – 6 hour chunks of time, sometimes twice a day, where you can get back to the place in your marriage or partnership that was filled with love, respect, joy and connection.

It is breaking down the negative pattern that’s developed and rebuilding more efficiently.

When some couples enter our offices, they have so much difficulty expressing their feelings that they get caught in negative patterns of communication. They have become defensive and tend to avoid not only each other, but the underlying issues in their relationship.

Most couples come in without much energy left to see the “we” of the relationship because they are so hurt by one another’s behaviors and reactions.

In these cases, traditional hour-long couple’s therapy sessions may feel too slow and not provide enough time to work through the murky water of a disconnected relationship.

Couples intensive counseling allows for a more conducive environment to get to a better understanding of what has happened. By understanding what created the negative cycle or “dance” and what part each partner has played in that dance allows couples to begin lowering barriers and expressing and feeling the underlying pain of disconnection and the longing of being together.

How does a Couples Intensive Work?

You choose one chunk of time in the morning, afternoon or evening or one day or even two days in a row (usually a 3 hour morning session, a lunch break for a couple hours, then another 3 hour session).

After your initial couples intensive experience, a decision can be made whether to continue forward with more intensive work, or following through with weekly sessions.

Who is a good fit for this type of work?

We have seen all types of couples but for couples intensive counseling it is best if there is no serious drug/alcohol abuse, addiction or serious mental health crisis for one partner. The Couples Intensive is not designed for very high conflict couples or where there is unresolved trauma in one or both partners.

Examples of couples that may benefit from couples intensive counseling:

  • Couples with childcare issues on a weekly basis
  • Couples who live far away from highly skilled marriage counselors
  • High level executives who don’t have the ability to go to weekly therapy
  • Couples where one partner is often traveling
  • Couples who live in separate areas of the country
  • Any couple in transition (new empty-nesters, retirement, etc.)

What are some reasons for Couples Intensive Therapy?

  • Couple recovering from infidelity.
  • Couples that argue endlessly or perhaps can’t share deeply at all.
  • Couples considering a separation or divorce.
  • Trying to decide whether they should live together, get married, or increase their commitment towards each other.
  • Trying to decide whether to start a family, resolve issues and conflicts about starting a family, or for other major life decisions that the couple feels that they might need some help with.
  • Couples who are feeling a void in their relationship, or who are unable to resolve various issues and need support for this, but want to really get going on working this through, could benefit from this Intensive manner.
  • Couples who might have difficulty with making weekly appointments by meeting in this way.

How do we get started?

If you are ready to start the journey toward rebuilding your relationship, please contact Lotus Point Wellness today.

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Preparing for Couples Intensive Counseling

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