Lotus Point Wellness

Integrating counseling,
nutritional wellness,
& yoga for contented living

Lotus Point Wellness is the culmination of a vision to help people develop inner resiliency, contentment, security in their relationships and a well-balanced lifestyle.

At Lotus Point Wellness we believe in taking an approach that is collaborative, integrative and holistic, using proven approaches to relationship wellness and integrative healing through a variety of integrative and holistic approaches.

Our integrative and holistic approach includes counseling, yoga, nutrition, acupuncture, and health and wellness coaching services. These all can help you to manage stress, anxiety and other elements that may be preventing you from living a contented, fulfilled and balanced life. We work with our clients to help them find their own pathway towards overall health and wellness.

On a philosophical level, we look through a lens of health and wellness and secure attachment versus pathology. We help our clients bring compassionate curiosity to their challenges and help them create shifts from the inside out, using a respectful, empowering. integrative and holistic approach. Ultimately, we believe that the human spirit is incredibly strong and everyone has the capability to make their life better and overcome their struggles through compassion, understanding and connection towards oneself and others AND with the support of others, thus undoing aloneness on their journey.

Counseling Services - Lotus Point Wellness

Professional Counseling Services

At Lotus Point Wellness, we offer comprehensive psychotherapeutic counseling services that help individuals, couples, families and children form deeper connections, develop healthy coping skills and find more contentment in their lives.

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Workshops & Support Groups - Lotus Point Wellness

Circles Of Support

Sometimes it helps to know you’re not alone. Lotus Point Wellness offers ongoing support groups designed to bring together people facing similar issues.

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Meet The Team

The Lotus Point Wellness team is a dedicated group of licensed professionals that loves helping people.  Our team is grounded in thorough training and clinical skills and takes a collaborative approach to providing services thoughtfully and mindfully.

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Why the name Lotus Point Wellness?

The Lotus Flower has been treasured throughout the world for centuries as a symbol of spiritual growth and transformation. It is loved for its extraordinary capacity to grow in the most impossible of circumstances, somehow blooming with even greater majesty and color when its surroundings reflect lifelessness or stagnation. At the core of this delicate flower’s success is its ability to tap into a flow of nurturance that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This idea of tapping into nurturance is a core belief at Lotus Point Wellness – being able to nurture our relationship with ourselves and others AND nourish our bodies by what we eat and how we move are at the foundation of the services we offer and the successful outcome we hope for our clients.

Yoga at Lotus Point Wellness


We believe in yoga as a natural extension of the therapy experience. Yoga can help people cope with stress, anxiety and depression as well as physical injuries. Learn About Yoga

Nutritional Wellness - Lotus Point Wellness

Nutritional Wellness

What you eat has an enormous effect on your mood, energy level and overall health. It’s our goal to help you and your family understand the connection between food and its effect on your physical and mental health. Learn Why

Stress Management - Lotus Point Wellness

Stress Management

Everyone deals with stress, but if the demands placed upon you are making you feel overwhelmed and out of control it may be time to seek help.

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