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There has been so much evidenced-based research on the importance of eating a well-balanced diet and its effect on mood, energy and outlook.

Our treatment philosophy for pediatric and teen nutrition counseling stems from a parenting perspective as well as a clinical one. Parents are the greatest support resource for their kids – we build on that. We will help you guide your children to become confident, healthy, and happy eaters.

If your child or your family struggles with any of the following issues, you may want to consider a nutritional wellness program.

Young Children

  • Picky/selective eating
  • Meal struggles
  • Concern of childhood overweight/underweight
  • Eating anxieties
  • ADHD, autism, anxiety, mood dysregulation
  • Food allergies/intolerances
  • Food avoidance


  • Emotional eating
  • Meal scheduling
  • Social eating and peer pressures
  • Obsessive thinking about food and weight
  • General wellness counseling
  • Sports and fitness
  • Nutrition education 101
  • Body image

Our team approach of working on nutrition, physical exercise and counseling provides a well-rounded approach to helping children and adolescents with food concerns.

Childhood Weight Concerns

Concerned about your child’s weight? Managing children’s weight is a tricky business; traditional methods can send children and teens to eating extremes. We teach parents and kids how to:

  • Listen and respond to internal hunger and fullness feelings
  • Institute a better structure for meals and snacks
  • Purchase and serve an optimal variety of food
  • Encourage physical activity

Food policing doesn’t work and it’s no fun for everybody involved.

We teach parents better ways of guiding kids to eat a healthy, varied diet. We also work with directly with kids to address maladaptive eating habits and attitudes about food and weight.

Some kids need extra help getting to know, listen, and respond to their internal hunger and fullness cues — We teach these skills.

We focus on long-term, health-driven changes that empower kids and support their self-esteem.

Selective Eating

Feeding picky eaters can be challenging and mealtime battles often result when parents get frustrated. We teach children skills to help manage fears of certain foods, to help them become less rigid and expand their food preferences. We also work with parents on the feeding relationship. Parents can do a lot to improve selective eating patterns. Peace can happen at family meals — and it’s worth the effort!

Targeted Help For Teens

We enjoy working one-on-one with teens to promote responsible, intuitive eating practices, self-directed lifestyle choices, and a healthy level of fitness. We believe in keeping parents appropriately involved and supported.

Body Image

Have a child or teen with a poor body image? Having a poor body image can prevent children and teens from succeeding in many aspects of their lives. We challenge kids’ views about societal standards of beauty and internal struggles to fit body expectations that may be unrealistic.

If you are ready to help your child begin a more positive relationship with food, please contact Lotus Point Wellness today.

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