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Lifetime Changes

At Lotus Point Wellness, we can help you and your family make healthy dietary choices that will improve overall well-being. We can also can provide assessments and on-going treatment for neurotransmitter deficiencies which are the underpinnings of many mood and anxiety-related symptoms.

Our approach is to go beyond issuing short-term meal plans but rather to we help you transition from habitual eating to intuitive, inspired, nutrition-informed eating.

Together, we will explore food habits and behaviors, help you figure out what got your eating off-track in the first place, and determine what perceptions, attitudes, and life-style factors are affecting the way you eat. As well, if there are any symptoms related to anxiety, depression, stress and/or other mental health concerns, we can provide a nutritional program that provides amino-acid supplements to bring you back in balance.

We can teach you new skills so that you can get to know and trust your own body cues, move away from diet rules (and rule breaking), and learn better and more insight-oriented coping strategies. The goal is to move towards a more natural, balanced, self-led style of eating and nurturing your body.

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