Patricia Coronado, RYT200

Yoga Teacher

Born and raised in Venezuela, Patricia loves to bring the Latin flavor to her Yoga Class, mixing music and language with some Spanish. She discovered the magic of traveling after obtaining a bachelor degree in Business Administration; she left Venezuela to embrace a new life in UK and then USA. She experienced the beauty of traveling and getting to know other cultures and traditions, without forgetting her roots. In her searching for herself, she knew she was born for something else! Patricia discovered the love of teaching Yoga. She obtained her 200 hours Yoga training and Kids Yoga certification. Her most recently adventure was launching her cute and small boutique in Silver Spring, PecaLove – inspired by peace and love Yoga active wear and accessories. Patricia is a Mama of 2 children, Manuel and Stephania. She said, her life calling is to teach children finding their talents and give back to the community. In her free time she enjoys getting to know new places, serving food to homeless and volunteer to different non-profit organizations that serve family and children. One of her favorite quote: It is the little things in life!