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Prepare and Enrich is a customized couples assessment program that identifies a couples strength and growth areas. It can be used with committed, premarital, or married couples and is one of the most widely used platforms for relationship assessment and growth.

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Here is how the Prepare and Enrich program works:

  1. The couple calls a certified facilitator (Brittany Beck, LGPC) to set up the program, schedule an initial in-person session, and ask any questions regarding the Prepare and Enrich process. The on-line assessment can be done in the comfort of your own home, after your first face-to-face session with your facilitator.
  2. The facilitator sets up the online program and each partner receives an email with instructions on how to complete the assessment.
  3. The couple completes the assessment online after their initial in-person session.
  4. The couple attends another 3 in-person session with their facilitator to review the results and participate in psychoeducational activities relating to the identified growth areas.
  5. After the Prepare and Enrich program concludes, each couple has the opportunity to schedule additional sessions to further explore their relationship and ways to strengthen their connection.

The Prepare and Enrich program is not couples therapy, however if during the process, you feel you could benefit from couple counseling, you and your facilitator can discuss this changing need and make a decision about moving to a couple therapy modality with the facilitator or to another couples therapist, depending on the situation.

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