Couples Intensive - Lotus Point WellnessSpending personalized private time together in intensive therapy will help jump start your relationship and take it to new levels of emotional connectivity. Often what takes months of couples therapy can be done within a few days. Couples find new hope, understanding, and the feelings of togetherness they have been so desperately missing.

This private and personalized couple’s counseling is for couples who feel significantly distressed in their relationship. Not infrequently, couples who attend an intensive are considering separation and/or divorce.

Sample Couple Intensive Schedule

Friday evening – 2 hours: 1 hour together, 30 minutes individual sessions
Saturday morning – 3 hours
Saturday afternoon – 2 hours

How it works:

You will meet with the therapist over 2-3 days, tailored to your schedule and that of the therapist. An example of a basic schedule might be:

Day 1– 3 hours (1 hour initial couple meeting and overview; 1/2 hour focused on each partner for initial assessment, then a 1 hour couple session.)

Day 2– 3 hours total: 1.5 in the a.m. and 1.5 hours in the p.m.

Day 3– 2 hours – concluding and discussion of future therapy and options.

Your therapist is available for follow-up if you are local though having someone in your local community is most helpful.

Before we get started:

Even if you’re local, create a “retreat” experience of the week with your partner. Get a hotel, take time off work, really get away with each other. Read “Hold Me Tight” by Susan Johnson Set up follow-up therapy before the intensive week, so all progress is maintained. Complete intake questionnaires individually.

Scheduling and Location:

Intensive weeks are done in our Silver Spring or Bethesda offices, depending on preference and the therapist available.


$200.00 per hour.

 You might ask, “Is it worth it?”

As you consider how valuable this experience could be for your relationship think about what you’re trying to save –your marriage, your family, and money. If your relationship got worse you could be paying far more for divorce attorneys, cost of moving, therapy, child support, and more. Your marriage deserves the best possible help and a Couples Intensive can give that to you.


Please contact Lotus Point Wellness with any questions leading up to your Couple Intensive.

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