Shervon Laurice, MS, LCPC, RYT200

Yoga Teacher

Shervon is a Certified Yoga Therapist, 200 Hour Level Yoga Teacher and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. She enjoys teaching various styles of yoga but therapeutic yoga is what she loves to teach most. Shervon was first introduced to yoga in high school while living in New York City. It was there that the seed of self-discovery was planted.

“At different points in my early adulthood, yoga called me back to the mat. That call was even stronger during a stressful period of my life when I began to experience symptoms of a yet undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. I experienced headaches, digestive issues, joint pain and roaming muscular pain to name a few. My doctors diagnosed me with arthritis for the joint pain but were never able to pinpoint an exact diagnosis for my other symptoms. I realized I needed to heal myself.

During that time, my yoga practice began to evolve. It became about listening for my inner voice to gain a clear understanding as to what my body, mind and spirit needed each day. It was during this time that I found Yoga Therapy. Today, I use yoga techniques including movement, breath, meditation and relaxation to manage stress and my symptoms. I now live many more days without pain.”