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4 Ways EFT Couple Therapy Can Help Your Relationship

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Connection is one key to feeling strong as a couple.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while then you are already aware that the initial spark and romantic excitement fades over time. This is a normal part of any committed and long-term relationship and it doesn’t mean there’s a problem – it just means that you have gotten comfortable with one another and feel safe and secure. However, there are times when complacency or lack of connection is more prevalent, partners feel more distant and there isn’t the feeling of being secure or emotionally safe in the relationship. This can be a cause for concern.

Do any of these situations feel familiar?

Attachment and Connection, Couple/Marital Topics, General

Hold Me Tight Relationship Enhancement Workshops

My colleague, Gail Schumann, LCSW-C, and I recently held a Hold Me Tight Workshop which is based on Sue Johnson’s book, Hold Me Tight. It was an amazing experience and wonderful for the 3 couples that came. They learned about the new science of love which shows that all humans crave and need connection to others in order to survive. The connection of a loved one is the most important and sustaining one of all, except when things are going wrong. When we feel disconnected, we get scared, feel alone and feel abandoned. This leads to reactions that can turn negative and create a pattern of trying to get our needs met that aren’t productive or healthy, such as withdrawing, criticizing, attacking or giving up. The HMT workshops help couples have important conversations to understand their negative pattern and change it.