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Yoga is a natural extension
of the therapy experience.

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Yoga Practice at Lotus Point Wellness

At Lotus Point Wellness, we believe in yoga as a natural extension of the therapy experience. It is a self-care modality that many of our clients are already interested in doing as part of their individual or group work. However, there are many that have yet to add this practice to their journey towards wellness, and we encourage all our clients to try yoga as a part of their journey.

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Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga is a complement to the classical approach to teaching yoga, much like an additional doorway. It is a separate and distinct opportunity to focus inward, to create a practice for people with challenging lives or those living under difficult conditions.

Yoga Classes at Lotus Point Wellness

Lotus Point Wellness provides a comfortable and easygoing environment for yogis of all ages and ability levels. Lotus Point Wellness has mats, blocks and straps and any other props that may be needed for a class. All classes include age-appropriate versions of traditional breath and meditations practices – even for the youngest yogis.

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Lotus Point Wellness offers the following yoga practices

  • Individual sessions– to teach principles and specific breathing/postures
  • Small-group classes, for more individualized attention with a focus on
    • Children with ADHD
    • Children managing stress and/or anxiety
    • Adolescents struggling with body image
    • Adolescents dealing with stress, anxiety and/or depression
    • Adults dealing with depression or anxiety
    • Adults looking for more energy or a mood-boost
  • Yoga as add-on to group therapy; sessions usually run for 30-45 minutes, tailored to meet the needs of the group
  • Workshops

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow and Release

For Mental Health and Wellbeing

Yoga Calm - Lotus Point Wellness


For Stress & Anxiety Reduction

Yoga Lift - Lotus Point Wellness


To Lift Mood & Increase Energy

Yoga for Anxiety - Lotus Point Wellness

Calming Yoga for Kids

For Kids Dealing with Stress, Worries and/or ADHD

Yoga Parties!

Add a healthy dose of fun to your child’s big day!


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