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The healing quality of yoga
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Therapeutic Yoga is a complement to the classical approach to teaching yoga, much like an additional doorway. It has been added to the basic offerings because it is a separate and distinct opportunity to focus inward, to create a practice for people with challenging lives, living under difficult conditions, perhaps experiencing physical restrictions or adapting to degenerative disease. The door is always open to this work, this practice, this way of life.

While every yoga class can be experienced as having therapeutic value, therapeutic yoga classes, are created with the mission of reducing pain and discomfort while increasing enthusiasm for life. Classes with a therapeutic emphasis are focused on a student’s physical condition and capabilities. By honoring the individual, the teacher builds upon their strengths to help them blossom within what they perceive to be limitations. People then learn to see their potential and the power of limits rather than feeling trapped, stuck or hopelessly “less than” they were before.

Therapeutic aspects of yoga allow us to:

  • Gain acceptance of “what is,”
  • Recognize & appreciate our strengths, rather than emphasize our perceived weakness
  • Honor limitations and find our personal power
  • Honor our condition, disease or disability without over-identifying with it
  • Recognize and use specific actions to manage and alleviate pain and discomfort

The benefits of therapeutic yoga are profound – it can:

  • Create inner & outer strength and stability
  • Redefine personal capabilities & potential
  • Enhance balance and controlled movement
  • Improve flexibility of the spine & bone health
  • Deepen relaxation, quiets the mind
  • Initiate internal processes that inspire healing

This therapeutic focus is to promote a refined understanding of the innate intelligence of the body and its ability to repair, restore, recover and heal itself. Physical, psychological and emotional benefits are the result of a dedicated personal practice, a practice that can be enhanced and enriched by a spiritual perspective.

The healing quality of yoga is impressive and often immediate for a practitioner, regardless of their level of experience. This is fascinating, and has inspired a dedication to teach people how to make the most of every day to create and maintain optimal well-being. It is a pro-active practice, prevention at its best.

Yoga Classes at Lotus Point Wellness

Lotus Point Wellness provides a comfortable and easygoing environment for yogis of all ages and ability levels. Lotus Point Wellness has mats, blocks and straps and any other props that may be needed for a class. All classes include age-appropriate versions of traditional breath and meditations practices – even for the youngest yogis.